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Mediation, Facilitation, Training

Associates have experience in international mediation working with members of civil society, rebel movements, opposition parties, governments, external stakeholders, and others.  We can assist organizations working at the community, national, or international level by providing mediation services, mediation advising, and/or process design.

Facilitating Peace provides facilitation services for NGOs and governmental and intergovernmental organizations seeking to conduct brainstorming sessions, problem-solving workshops, conferences, or team-building exercises.  Facilitating Peace is able to assist organizations seeking to improve teamwork or to conduct strategic planning.  Associates consult with the client to tailor the facilitation approach to best meet their needs.

Associates provide customized training for civil society organizations, government officials, members of parliaments, and women’s groups in negotiations, mediation, conflict resolution/transformation, political decision-making, and leadership to strengthen individual and organizational capacity.  We design trainings to permit each participant to take what is learned and apply it in practice.