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Transitional to Transformative Justice: An Update on Associate Michelle Parlevliet

Since the beginning of 2014, Michelle has continued her work at the crossroads of conflict resolution and human rights.  She has co-authored, with Quirine Eijkman, “Human Rights in Conflict,” a chapter to be published in a new Dutch text on conflict edited by Beatrice de Graaff and Eric Myjer, and Georg Frerks (Kluwer Academic Publishing).

Michelle has facilitated meetings for NGOs, the German Ministry for Development Cooperation (on human rights, justice, and peacebuilding), and for the UN’s Interagency Framework Team for Conflict Prevention which included Human Rights and Peace and Development Advisors as well as officials from the UN Office of the Special Advisor for Prevention of Genocide and Mass Atrocities.  She has joined the Board of Trustees of London-based NGO Conciliation Resources and become a member of the International Advisory Board of a 3-year research project called “Transformative Justice in Tunisia and Egypt: From Transitional to Transformative Justice.”  See Michelle’s bio here.