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Senior Associate Joyce Neu consulting with the UN integrated office and UN country team in the Central African Republic

Joyce Neu is in Bangui for two weeks to meet with Central African stakeholders, UN agencies, and the international community to assess the situation on the ground almost two years after the Inclusive Political Dialogue, a national dialogue process that resulted in a number of recommendations. The Central African Republic has suffered from political instability since independence from France in 1960. Military coups and violence have left the country underdeveloped and lacking the stability necessary to meet the basic needs of the population. In June 2008, several rebel groups signed ceasefire agreements with the government and in December 2008, most participated in the Inclusive Political Dialogue. With more than 150 participants from political parties, politico-military groups and civil society representatives, this national dialogue resulted in a series of recommendations on governance, socio-economic development, and security issues. A national unity government was formed by President François Bozizé in early 2009. Presidential elections are scheduled to be held in January 2011.